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  • Thumb Loop Isolation Gown


    Thumb Loop Isolation Gowns are Disposable long-sleeved protective gown, made of non-woven PE cast film fabric, hot-melt bonding process at the bottom of the sleeve, back opening is easy to wear, with easy-to-tear cut-out design; widened side profile design for increased protection

    Specifications : –
    Color : Blue
    Latex Free : Yes
    Material : Polyethylene | Non-woven
    Neck Style : Over Head Style
    Protection Level of Gown : Impervious Material
    Unisex item or Gender specific : Unisex
    Wrist Style : Thumb Loop

  • 60ml Catheter Tip Syringe

    • 60ml Catheter Tip Syringe has a long, straight tip that is ideal for irrigating foley catheters, medical tubing, and more.
    • It is made from translucent polypropylene with black markings.
    • It also has a protective cap that covers the tip of the syringe for sanitation.
    • These syringes are sterile and should be disposed of after each use.
  • Employee Protection Kit


    Each kit contains an isolation gown, face mask with ties, nitrile exam gloves, shoe covers, and a red infectious waste bag. This kit also comes with standard vented goggles.

  • KN95 Face Masks

    • Our premium-quality KN95 respirators (facemasks) are CE certified. KN95 facemasks filter at least 95% airborne particles that are non-oil based.
    • These masks are for personal use in a variety of settings such as home, outdoors and work.
    • Individually wrapped masks for hygiene, and made out of a soft flexible material with comfortable elastic earloops to secure against the face.
    • 4-ply material made with 100% polypropelyne fabric.
  • Latex Surgical Gloves (Powder-Free) 50 Pairs


    Sterile surgical gloves are ideal for general surgery. This standard white glove is designed with our surgeon-inspired former that is anatomically correct to reduce hand fatigue. These latex, powder-free surgical gloves are coated with a synthetic polymer to assist with damp hand donning. The tapered, beaded, reinforced cuff is designed to reduce roll-down and tearing

    Size – 6.5 | 7.5 | 8.0

  • Blood Transfusion (Giving) Set


    Our blood transfusion set protects the patient from the unwanted administration of “cellular debris” by a 200 micron fluid filter. This gives the physician and the patient absolute security during a blood transfusion.

    It is designed for well-equipped transfusion centers and blood banks in larger cities as well as for village clinics, mobile hospitals, military service and disaster management

  • Adult Endotracheal Tube 10s


    Adult Endotracheal Tube  has advanced microthin polyurethane cuff material that allows the channels to “self-seal,” reducing the possibility of leakage.

    Help reduces risk  of trauma during intubation and extenuation

    The enhanced design of the instrument has multiple benefits, such as the possible reduction micro-aspiration of potentially infectious pharyngeal secretions, as well as the potentially lowered risk of VAP in prolonged ventilation




  • Face Mask with Eye Shield


    This a non-fluid resistant face mask with eye shield

  • Latex Examination Gloves 100s

    • Latex examination gloves with high anti tear properties
    • Available in either Powdered or Non-Powdered form
    • Available in various sizes
    • Ambidextrous – perfect for right or left handed use | Perfect fit for optimal protection and comfort.
    • Anti-tear, Anti-Rip, Anti-Abrasion properties | Beaded cuff to increase tear resistance.
    • 100 gloves per box | Brand may vary


  • Cotton Roll

    • Sterile Cotton Rolls made from 100% pure cotton
    • Net Wt. 500g | 200g | 100g
    • Specially sterilized to provide you with the perfect tool for your medical cabinet
    • Ideal for medical uses such as would care and cleanup or applying antiseptics, first aid creams and ointments to minor injuries
  • Overall Protective Suit (Coverall)

    • Coveralls are disposable surgical protective suits which prevents exposure to infectious agents
    • Types: Non-woven | Waterproof
    • Elastic hood, elastic pants mouth, waist and cuffs, and zipper closure
    • Non-woven fabric is dense in texture, good in tensile resistance, waterproof, breathable and oil resistant
    • Protection: Dust and waterproof, anti-static


  • Sale!

    Surgical Blades 100s

    • Surgical blade with its curved cutting edge is one of the more traditional blade shapes and is used generally for making small incisions in skin and muscle.
    • Sterile single use carbon steel
    • Sterilized by gamma radiation 25KGY, guaranteed sterility if packet is unbroken
    • Packed per box of 100 pieces
  • Light-Weight Non-woven Hair Cover 100s

    • Soft and extremely lightweight
    • Disposable
    • Crimped hair net, high hygiene grade, protect your work from unwanted hair loss
    • Flat and comfortable on the forehead.
    • Material: Non-woven spun-bonded polypropylene.
    • Controls and protects hair in medical and food industry environments.
    • Package include: 100 pcs of bouffant caps
  • Non-woven Bouffant Hair Cover 100s

    • Non-woven Bouffant Hair Cover to control and protect hair in medical and food industry environments.
    • Unique Double reinforcement design makes your forehead avoiding tight trace
    • Material: Non-woven Spun-Bonded Polypropylene
    • Color: White
    • Suggested Use – Food Service, Hospitals, Laboratories, Manufacturing
    • Beauty Emporium&Dust Cap Disposable-caps are elasticated free size ,Fits all usually.
    • Package: 100 pcs/bag ( size: 21 inches)
  • 3ml Luer-Lok Tip Syringe


    The 3 mL Luer-Lok Disposable Syringe features a clear barrel with bold scale markings, tapered plunger rod for ease of aspiration, positive plunger rod stop, and an added Luer-Lok thread for increased secure connection

  • Pediatric Nasogastric Feeding (NG) Tube

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