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  • Suction Tube



  • Non-woven Surgical Gown (Reinforced)

    • Non-woven Surgical Gown is made of nonwoven or film-laminated nonwoven composite material with protective characteristics, and consists of a collar, a body, sleeves and a tie
    • Made of non-woven and polyethylene cast film fabric.
    • Non-permeable: offers Impervious protection against fluids.
    • Latex-free.
    • Available in beaded wrist as well as standard thump loop style that keeps sleeve from sliding up
  • Latex Examination Gloves 100s

    • Latex examination gloves with high anti tear properties
    • Available in either Powdered or Non-Powdered form
    • Available in various sizes
    • Ambidextrous – perfect for right or left handed use | Perfect fit for optimal protection and comfort.
    • Anti-tear, Anti-Rip, Anti-Abrasion properties | Beaded cuff to increase tear resistance.
    • 100 gloves per box | Brand may vary


  • Disposable Incontinence Bed Pad – Pack of 10

    • Disposable Incontinence bed pads are used to protect mattresses from urinary incontinence and other liquid accidents.
    • Disposable Incontinence absorbency pads are specifically designed with highly-absorbent fibers that lock liquid in place, giving you peace of mind that you will be wake up dry and without odor.
    • The lock-in moisture technology also allows for quick and easy mess-free cleanup that protects your bedding. For infrequent to regular incontinence, our sturdy pads are designed to hold up without tearing and last as long as you need them. Simply dispose then replace pads after they have been soiled. Large size provides great coverage and protection
  • Medical Scrub

    • Protects health workers from contamination from body fluids of patience
    • washable ,cost effect ,comfortable
    • Can be worn by all health workers
    • Material; thick cotton
  • Adult Patient Examination Gown

    • Adult patient examination gowns are as comfortable as fabric, and your facility can save on laundry expenses
    • Designed with the patient’s comfort in mind and at an affordable price
    • Can be worn with opening in front or back
    • Tie is attached to gown for snug fit
    • Short-sleeve style


  • Thumb Loop Isolation Gown


    Thumb Loop Isolation Gowns are Disposable long-sleeved protective gown, made of non-woven PE cast film fabric, hot-melt bonding process at the bottom of the sleeve, back opening is easy to wear, with easy-to-tear cut-out design; widened side profile design for increased protection

    Specifications : –

    Color : Blue

    Latex Free : Yes

    Material : Polyethylene | Non-woven

    Neck Style : Over Head Style

    Protection Level of Gown : Impervious Material

    Unisex item or Gender specific : Unisex

    Wrist Style : Thumb Loop

  • Infectious Waste Bag

    • Infectious waste bags are designed for the safe collection and containment of trace chemotherapy waste, including: tubing, infectious linens, and personal protective equipment. Bags are strong, durable and offer superb puncture resistance
    •  Provides a measure of infection protection from contaminated matters
    •  Comes printed with biohazard symbol
    •  Colored in yellow with warnings in English/Spanish
    •  Linear low bag meets federal/state regulations for impact and tear resistance
    •  Ideal to use in hospitals, clinics, labs, or any medical facilities
  • Medical Arm Sling


    Medical arm slings with comfortable cotton padded straps

    ladies and gentlemen elegant sling with support immobilizer  for shoulder-elbow, shoulder-wrist injury

    Adults arm sling available in Ghana



  • First Aid Kits


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  • Littmann Stethoscope

    Medical stethoscope is the perfect instrument for assessing patient in non-critical environment fun and vibrant color march and finish with your personality
    turn able diaphragm, adult, single piece diaphragm ,next generation tubing
    efficient medical stethoscopes available in Ghana

  • G3-Pro Infrared Thermometer/Counter

    • The G3-Pro Thermometer is mainly composed of an infrared thermopile sensor, display screen, key, shell, battery box, and circuit board
    • Accuracy – +/- 0.2 degrees (35℃ – 43℃)
    • Automatic measurement distance – <25cm
    • Measurement object – palm or forehead
    • Screen – Highlight LED segment code display
    • Power Supply: Uses AAA batteries or micro USB 5V
    • Measurement Indication – Normal: Greenlight bar prompt; Abnormal: Red light bar prompt
    • Installation method – the G3-Pro Thermometer can be installed using a nail hook (to a wall) or mounted on a tripod stand
    • Measurement range: 34℃ – 42.9℃
    • Standby Time: about 15 days
  • Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves 12 in. Long 250s

    • These nitrile gloves are 4 Mil, Ambidextrous with high tack/grip
    • Nonsterile, these grey nitrile gloves offer excellent dexterity and tactile sensitivity (with textured fingertips)
    • Powder-free and feature beaded cuffs for easy donning
    • Double bagged with case liner, recommended for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanrooms
    • Extended cuff gives further protection for the forearm
    • Suitable for contact with food
    • High-quality nitrile is comfortable and resistant to punctures
  • K9 Pro Wall Mounted Thermometer with Dispenser

    • AUTOMATIC DISINFECTION: The wall-mounted thermometer has a dispenser function, and the liquid outlet next to the measuring probe will automatically drip out disinfectant when measuring the temperature.
    • FEVER ALARM: Wall-mounted infrared thermometer can work normally at an ambient temperature of 10-40°C, and the measuring distance is 5-10cm. The test accuracy difference of advanced infrared sensor chips is ±0.2°F (34~45°C).
    • CLEAR DISPLAY: The large LCD screen of the wall-mounted infrared thermometer clearly displays the reading data, and has a light fault detection warning and an abnormal temperature light warning. 1000ml large-capacity manufacturing storage library, the visible capacity is clear at a glance.
  • Touchless Automatic Sanitizer Dispenser 700ml


    This automatic sanitizer dispenser features smart-motion infrared sensor technology that offers no-touch and easy to use operation and can be activated only when needed.

    It senses your hand within the range of 4 inches and automatically dispenses the sanitizer when you keep your hands beneath it.

    It features an infrared sensor.

    It has a storage capacity of 700ml

  • 3M N95 Particulate Respirator

    • NIOSH approved for at least 95 percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles
    • Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment helps provide a secure seal
    • Cushioning nose foam
    • Lightweight construction promotes greater worker acceptance and may help increase wear time