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  • Latex Surgical Gloves (Powder-Free) 50 Pairs


    Sterile surgical gloves are ideal for general surgery. This standard white glove is designed with our surgeon-inspired former that is anatomically correct to reduce hand fatigue. These latex, powder-free surgical gloves are coated with a synthetic polymer to assist with damp hand donning. The tapered, beaded, reinforced cuff is designed to reduce roll-down and tearing

    Size – 6.5 | 7.5 | 8.0

  • Adult Endotracheal Tube 10s


    Adult Endotracheal Tube  has advanced microthin polyurethane cuff material that allows the channels to “self-seal,” reducing the possibility of leakage.

    Help reduces risk  of trauma during intubation and extenuation

    The enhanced design of the instrument has multiple benefits, such as the possible reduction micro-aspiration of potentially infectious pharyngeal secretions, as well as the potentially lowered risk of VAP in prolonged ventilation




  • Cotton Roll

    • Sterile Cotton Rolls made from 100% pure cotton
    • Net Wt. 500g | 200g | 100g
    • Specially sterilized to provide you with the perfect tool for your medical cabinet
    • Ideal for medical uses such as would care and cleanup or applying antiseptics, first aid creams and ointments to minor injuries
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    Surgical Blades 100s

    • Surgical blade with its curved cutting edge is one of the more traditional blade shapes and is used generally for making small incisions in skin and muscle.
    • Sterile single use carbon steel
    • Sterilized by gamma radiation 25KGY, guaranteed sterility if packet is unbroken
    • Packed per box of 100 pieces
  • Pediatric Nasogastric Feeding (NG) Tube

  • Standard Mayo Stand Cover

    • Standard Reinforced Mayo Stand Cover for general use
    • Flexible fabric
    • Available in a variety of sizes
    • Dimensions: 23″ x 54″or  30″ x 57″
    • Sterile


  • Salem Sump Dual Lumen Tube


    Salem Sump Dual Lumen Tube allows for safer continuous and intermittent gastric suctioning

  • Rectal Tube

    • Rectal Tube is designed for introduction of enema solution into rectum to release / aspire rectal fluid
    • Proximal end is fitted with universal funnel shaped connector for safe connection to Urine bag.
    • Made of non-toxic, soft PVC .
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    Poly-Lined Half-Sheet 40 in. x 57 in.

  • Extension Tubing For Leg Bag

      • Extension Tubing For Leg Bag can be cut to preferred length to meet patient needs.
      • It is an extra thick to prevent kinking and is to be used with urinary leg bag.
      • latex-free.
  • Hand Sanitizer

    • 75% Ethyl Alcohol
    • Effectively kills bacteria and germs
    • Keeps the skin soft and moisturized
    • Patented bottle design, making it very portable
  • Drape Sheets

    • Drape Sheets deliver optimal protection and performance in creating and maintaining a sterile field during surgery
    • For use in the broadest variety of surgical procedures and in conjunction with procedure-specific drapes
    • Protects patients and clinical team from the transfer of microorganisms, fluids, and particulate material in the OR
    • Spunbond outer layers provide excellent resistance to strike-though, tears, punctures and abrasion
    • Specifically designed SMS fabric for fluid repellency to reduce strike-through of fluids such as alcohol and other prep solutions
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    Disposable Stockinette

    • Sterile, Latex-free Disposable Stockinette
    • Wax coated for added fluid repellency
    • Off-white color reduces glare from O.R. lights
    • Double ply with EZ-Pull tabs
  • Burette with PTFE StopCock

    • This quality glass burette has a 100 ml capacity with 0.1 ml divisions.
    • It has a tolerance of +/- 0.1 ml.
    • It is made from borosilicate glass and features a PTFE (Teflon) stopcock for ease of use.
    • The color of stopcock may vary.
  • Alcohol Pads

    • Alcohol Pads are individual gauze pads for optimum anti-bacterial action.
    • Alcohol Prep Pads, Medium 2-Ply – 400 Alcohol Wipes, Individually wrapped Swabs, Saturated With 70% v/v Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Skin Staple Extractor

    • Skin Staple Extractors are designed specifically for the purpose of removing surgical staples that were put in place by surgical skin staplers.
    • They make it easy to remove the staples along the same axis that they were place, reducing pain and infection risk and making the process much faster and less prone to problems.
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