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  • Chemo Waste Bag

    • Chemo Waste Bags are an economical means to dispose of your soft goods associated with the chemotherapy process.
    • Resistant to Chemotherapy drugs and waste
    • Can be used in hospitals and cancer treatment centers
  • Infectious Waste Bag

    • Infectious waste bags are designed for the safe collection and containment of trace chemotherapy waste, including: tubing, infectious linens, and personal protective equipment. Bags are strong, durable and offer superb puncture resistance
    •  Provides a measure of infection protection from contaminated matters
    •  Comes printed with biohazard symbol
    •  Colored in yellow with warnings in English/Spanish
    •  Linear low bag meets federal/state regulations for impact and tear resistance
    •  Ideal to use in hospitals, clinics, labs, or any medical facilities
  • Yellow Waste Bag Small