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    Accu-therm Hot & Cold Compress

    • Accu-therm Hot & Cold Compress are made using poly/nylon bags and non-toxic gel.
    • Packs can be microwaved or boiled for hot therapy or frozen for two hours for cold therapy
    • Cleans easily with soap and water
    • Packs remain pliable and soft after freezing
  • Curad Reusable Hot and Cold Gel Pack


    Medline Curad Reusable Hot And Cold Gel Pack is easy to use providing both hot and cold therapy.

    The cold gel pack is used for pain and swelling and hot packs for muscle aches and stiffness.

    For hot therapy, heat pack in the microwave and apply to affected area while for cold therapy, store the gel pack in the freezer.

    Each pack comes with a cover.

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