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  • Adult Endotracheal Tube 10s


    Adult Endotracheal Tube  has advanced microthin polyurethane cuff material that allows the channels to “self-seal,” reducing the possibility of leakage.

    Help reduces risk  of trauma during intubation and extenuation

    The enhanced design of the instrument has multiple benefits, such as the possible reduction micro-aspiration of potentially infectious pharyngeal secretions, as well as the potentially lowered risk of VAP in prolonged ventilation




  • Suction Catheter w/Mucus Trap 20mL

  • Sterile Bulb Irrigation Syringe 60cc

    • Sterile Bulb Irrigation Syringe 60cc features contoured finger grips, a catheter tip, and tip protector, and clear graduated 5 cc measurements.
    • The easy-to-read graduated measurements allow you to clearly measure what is going in or coming out of the syringe.
    • This bulb syringe is sterile and latex-free to ensure the safety of even your latex-sensitive patients.
  • 2-Way Silicone Foley Catheter

    • 100% silicone Foley catheter eliminates latex allergy concern
    • Sterile indwelling catheter
    • Biocompatible, inorganic, non-porous, non-toxic, non-adhering material reduces the incidence of encrustation, urethritis, and stricture vs. latex catheter


  • Pediatric Endotracheal Tube 10s


    Endotracheal tube is designed for intubation of short and long durations. The endotracheal tube is crystal clear and soft as it is made of medical PVC. For an enhanced obstruction of the trachea and resist aspiration the endotracheal tube has a cuff that is soft and low-pressured. It has appropriate labels to monitor and track the optimal intubation. And for radiological analysis, it features constant x-ray constrast stripes.

  • 2-Way Latex Foley Catheter

    • Lubricious coated
    • Made of natural rubber latex material