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  • Emesis (Vomit) Bag Dispenser


    Emesis Bag Dispenser is a convenient method of storing emesis bags

    Holds 50 emesis bags

    Suitable for wall mounting

    Prevents spills and costly linen changes

    Ideal for oncology, recovery room, outpatient clinics, paediatrics, home health care, labor and delivery, emergency department, ambulances


  • disposable vomit bag

    Disposable Emesis (Vomit) Bag

    • Disposable Emesis Bags, also known as vomit or puke bags, are designed to eliminate one-on-one contact with patient bodily fluids.
    • Can be used as a sickness bag
    • Tie bag off at the ring to reduce contamination and smell
    • This emesis bag can eliminate exposure to vomit, helps eliminate odors on cars, camping and other public places, handy for use with kids and pets, too, convenient closure system – twist, and secure bag into notched ring.