Adult Endotracheal Tube 10s

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Adult Endotracheal Tube  has advanced microthin polyurethane cuff material that allows the channels to “self-seal,” reducing the possibility of leakage.

Help reduces risk  of trauma during intubation and extenuation

The enhanced design of the instrument has multiple benefits, such as the possible reduction micro-aspiration of potentially infectious pharyngeal secretions, as well as the potentially lowered risk of VAP in prolonged ventilation




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  • Adult Endotracheal Tube maintain open airways during oral or nasal intubation.
  • Provides an effective seal at low cuff pressure
  • May reduce micro-aspiration of potentially infectious pharyngeal secretions
  • Designed for better contact with tracheal contour
  • Thinner material allows for greater visualization of vocal cords when cuff is deflated
  • Polyurethane can be made thinner and still maintain its strength




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